Seattle’s only true Life Care Community.

With Skyline, you get on-campus care in specialized apartments or health centers, and a suite of all inclusive perks—all for a predictable monthly rate.

What’s a CCRC?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers housing and on-site amenities for seniors who want to remain in one place as they age. Skyline senior living offers the best of both worlds: an active, independent lifestyle filled with social opportunities—and expanded levels of care to meet your health and assistance needs through assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing care, and rehabilitation—all in the same community.

An investment in you.

CCRC fees help you prepare for your future by providing a plan. A one-time entrance fee goes toward future costs including healthcare, with potential refunds up to 80% if residents leave the community. Skyline's predictable monthly service fees cover your residence, dining, residential services, and amenities—as well as helping to answer life's "What if?" questions in living and health accommodations.

One-time Entrance Fee
Starting at $123,000
Depending on floor plan
60 days
included of pre-paid health care plus an additional 10% discount
refundable if you should move or pass away
Monthly Service Fees
Starting at $2,800
Depending on floor plan
Service Package
Flexible Meal Plan
from our selection of on campus restaurants

Skyline’s CCRC advantage.

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, Skyline has many advantages for our residents. Surrounded by like-minded people, with stimulating social opportunities, our residents continue living in the same community—even as their healthcare needs change. Plus, there are tax benefits for residents — and a care fund in place to assist any residents that may outlive their resources.

Life Care: A contract for living.

While all Life Care communities are CCRCs, all CCRCs are not Life Care communities. With the rising costs of long-term healthcare, Skyline's Life Care plan offers peace of mind for the future because if you ever need care, you will always know what you will pay and who will provide your care. Essentially, Life Care is a financial contract providing healthcare and services for the rest of your life.

Maintenance-free living with the security of care.

The key to getting the most from Skyline’s Life Care program is moving in when you’re healthy and active. Enjoy the retirement lifestyle now with the peace of mind that your health needs will be taken care of today—and in the future.

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