LivNow Relocation Services.

LivNow frees you from the stress of moving—for free!

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The right move is also an easy one.

LivNow’s Relocation Specialists are the experts in helping folks like you transition from their current home to a senior living community. If it has to do with making the move, LivNow can offer advice, handle the arrangements, and coordinate it all.

And when you choose to move to The Arbordale, we’ll provide all of LivNow’s wonderful services for free!

Meet Jane, your LivNow Relocation Specialist.

Jane is the one-and-only person you’ll deal with when using LivNow during your move. No confusion. No being handed off to a different person or department. Whatever you need, just ask Jane.

Jane’s main roles include:

  • Helping orchestrate your move.
  • Recommending movers, organizers, and other service providers – even real estate agents – from LivNow’s Certified Supplier Partner list.
  • Managing connections and schedules with those service providers.
  • Helping plan and manage your move-in timeline.
  • Using the Good Move app to keep both you and us informed.
As a peer, Jane understands all your concerns and is ready to answer any and every question you may have. Her goal is to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Find your way to The Arbordale.

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