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Mission, vision, and values.

Every member of The Waterford team follows the core values and guiding principles of service, respect, trust, stewardship, accountability, joy, and excellence. Our mission and vision extend beyond simply providing quality services and attention.

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Values matter.

Championing quality care for a better quality of life is a responsibility we take seriously. To deliver on this commitment, our team at The Waterford is focused on the well-being of every resident and guided by our core values: Passion, Service, Respect, Trust, Stewardship, Accountability, and Excellence.

Our principles of service:

Preserving dignity

Every Waterford resident receives the respect they deserve.

Nurturing the whole

We care for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Celebrating individuality

Every resident has a story to tell, and we want to hear and understand it.

Encouraging independence

We promote self-reliance in whatever ways are possible and comfortable.

Empowering freedom of choice

Providing options are our way of life.


Family and friends are always welcome.

Transforming the perception of Age.

Transforming Age is a leading nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of older adults by integrating housing, community service, technology, philanthropy, and partnerships.

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Our beautiful pastoral setting is easy to find—and a delight to call home. Come by for a visit and see all we have to offer for the senior community.
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