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Don’t miss the next episode of TA Live with Author George Jerjian and Host Torsten Hirche

Don’t miss this inspiring opportunity to engage with George Jerjian, author of Dare to Discover Your Purpose, as he discusses longevity, ageism, and the re-wiring of retirement, a mindset shift on how to “un-retire” and live life with purpose.  Having survived terminal cancer, George offers a fresh perspective to the challenges of finding a healthy and purposeful life.  He’ll also introduce a Japanese concept called ikigai.  George is sure to capture the hearts of Team Members, Residents, and Clients in this latest episode of TA Live, hosted by President & CEO Torsten Hirche!

August 19, 2022

10 PST/ 12 CST

Zoom Webinar ID 860 8683 5334

OR link https://transformingage.zoom.us/j/86086835334